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Educational Trip

Planning to visit a foreign country for educational purpose? Pac-West is specialized in planning student travel packages. Our travel professionals will help to plan for your trip within your budget. Take some rest from your regular studies and discover several amazing destinations in the world with the help of our group student travel packages. A best trip helps a person to immerse themselves in new culture and explore a lot of things about the new destination. With our affordable student travel package, you will get to travel around various places. The package also includes meals and accommodation. We are experienced in selecting and providing all inclusive student packages, which you do not have to spend extra money on your tour. We cater for all people and not only for students.


Industry Trip

Explore the world of industrial tourism in Worldwide!

Enjoy factory tours, plant tours, craft centers, industrial museums, farm tours, brewery tours and more. 
See the process, taste the results and meet the people who make such a fascinating and innovative place.

Why travel with us?

Pac-West is one of the travel agent in Singapore appointed by Ministry of Education (M.O.E) to plan student travels. Although knowledge and experience are important when planning a trip, perhaps the most important reason to choose Pac-West is our dedication to our clients. We are constantly striving to improve our tours to give you the best travel experience possible.

Mrs Lim, Teacher

Very professional and competent in leading the group. Will think ahead and anticipate and meet the needs of the group

Mrs Lee, Teacher

Wonderful in her service and has made efforts that the kids were well taken care of. She even went beyond her call of duty to help with laundry for the kids. She prepared adequate drinking water and remind the kids to take them everyday

Ms Lynn, Teacher

Experienced in organizing choral exchanges. They were able to secure 2 good schools in Hong Kong for school exchange experience. Vendor provide and enriching choral skills and experience for our students

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