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About Us

Pac-West Travel has been in business since 1991. We are an approved agency of MOE Singapore specialized in unique Outdoor Learning Trips, Events, Educational, Value in Actions and School Immersion Programs. 


Adventure & outdoor learning offering people a holiday of a different king where we arrange for you to rough it out in the outdoors, sweat it out under the sun and shiver in cold at high altitude! Not all our trips are that tough, we have soft adventure eco tours that bring you close to Mother Nature, river journey and trips that are a great way to spend a weekend bonding with friends and family under the stars.

Education and School Immersion Program, believing in learning beyond the classroom is most important for kids nowadays. Travelling away from the comfort of family and familiar surroundings is tough. But doing it shows that a person is interested enough in the rest of world and confident enough in him/her to venture out and discover other parts of the world

Community Services, offers a platform for clients to respond to and contribute to the greater diverse community beyond the local context and reflect on the community, national and global issues. This also imbue the clients a sense of social responsibility towards and a sense of appreciation through contributing to improving the lives of others


Our dedicated and professional team work closely with each individual client to ensure not only satisfaction but also create ongoing innovative programmes that allow each to explore the unique heritage in different countries.

We give our best to provide leading travel solutions for our education, leisure and corporate clients.

Meet The Team & Our People


Ms Chang 


Ms Au Yong


Ms Tan


Kwok Wei


Elizabeth Chuan


Perlin Neo

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